Dear Reader,

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to stop AnthroPolitique. To help familiarize you with what you will find as you browse, I would like to provide you with a brief introduction which will include a bit about my background.

My name is Leighann Eileithyia Kimble and I am the founder of Logrando Juntos, Inc., an organization focused on providing education, ESL, and childcare resources to those in underprivileged communities. As a growing organization, we seek to provide assistance and support to individuals in every corner of the world.

In a separate role, I am Executive Assistant to Dr. M. Rashad Massoud, Director of USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Projects and Senior Vice President of the Quality & Performance Institute at University Research Co., LLC (URC). In this role, I lead various administrative tasks, ranging from scheduling and travel planning, to event hosting for major organizations. This position has allowed me to not only host, but to participate in individual meetings involving organizations such as WHO, CDC, and the Embassy of the Republic of Georgia.

I hold a MA in International Relations from Webster University and a BA in Anthropology, International Relations, and Asian Studies from Mary Baldwin College. My research experience and passion lies in International Relations, Humanitarian Affairs, Anthropology, and Latin American Studies.

In short, this blog will be open to a variety of topics ranging from international relations and anthropology to public health and policy. I invite you to contribute your own comments and views as you read, and to keep an open mind should you come across an entry, comment, or idea that is different from your own.

Happy reading!

– Leighann E. Kimble, MA